Artist Statement

Elizabeth's Studio

Elizabeth’s Studio

I was born in New York City but moved to New England in 1982.

For over twenty years, my work has been based on the landscape. During most of that time, I have painted the view from my studio in western Massachusetts. I am particularly interested in raking light and dramatic clouds. The work is both from direct observation and also from photography: I take many photos of the landscape at particular times of day and then manipulate these photos to arrive at the color and light I want in the paintings. I also sometimes change the actual landscape in order to paint it: I have put tracks in the snow and stakes in the hillside to change the view before painting it.

The sizes of the paintings vary from as large as five or six feet to as small as ten inches.

Not unrelated to the landscapes are my paintings of areas of light on the walls of my studio, an inversion of the dark shadows on the hillsides. In addition, I have been commissioned to paint other people’s views.

All the paintings are either oil on wood panel oil or oil on linen and panel.

I also make many pastel drawings. I find that pastel is a direct medium with which to describe pure color.